26 Jan

Plainning to Buy LoL Accounts Tomorrow

league of legends logo

The new season of League of Legends has begun. I plan to buy League of Legends accounts online through my favorite dealer. They usually always have my server in stock and making a purchase is easy. I have an account on their website and once I pay for the account I am sent all the account details. The best way to start off a new League season is to create a new account. Normally for every season there will be a new champion to try out since Riot wants players to continue to come back and play.

League has yet to disappoint people over this past year and numbers for viewers and players have continued to have steady growth. The game has also still remained completely free to play. Then again you could counter by saying that I am buying an account and thus making the game pay to play. By me doing so though I am adding no unfair advantage. I gain nothing by doing so and I am still technically unranked since the accounts are leveled against bots and NPCs. Players can also add Riot points to their accounts and buy new champions that way. Personally I find it best to buy a new account that I can smurf with and have the IP on the account to buy a few champions. It is a lot cheaper and more cost effective. Making a new account also adds more fun to the already addicting game. If you have never made a new account on any other game then you might not know what I am talking about. For those who have experienced this feeling you will most likely take the plunge and decide on your own what the best choice is for this upcoming season of League of Legends. I’ll see you and your team top lane!…

21 Jan

Using a Twitch View Bot

twitch logo

Twitch.tv is one of the best websites for video game fanatics to socialize and live stream their favorite hobbies and past times. Some individuals even make a living by streaming live games through Twitch and are paid by ad revenue and donations from faithful viewers. If you are lucky enough you may even join the elites and have your own subscriber button. Becoming popular on Twitch can definitely be difficult. The competition is pretty crazy when it comes to live streaming and in order to be noticed you need to have unique content and you need to interact with your stream.

It is recommended that you use a Twitch View Bot. These view bots are able to make your channel look popular and in the process of sending yourself artificial viewers, you end of gaining real followers, and real viewers. These types of services don’t come cheap though. If you are serious though then the potential investment is worth the final result. Gaming itself is ever growing and eSports and the amount of gamers who are watching these types of streams is going to continue to grow into the future.

In order to become a streamer you will need to find a game you enjoy playing for several hours. You will need a capture card of some sort in order to broadcast your gameplay from your screen to the Twitch website. You will need a decent computer that is capable of running the recording software. You will also need to make sure you have money monthly for the view bot service that is essential to becoming famous. You may also need editing software. The next step to becoming popular is to create a YouTube channel and from there you can share highlights from your streams. As you can probably tell, this all adds up and you should only make the investment if you are serious about gaming and your hobby.…

18 Dec

Vine App

vine logo

Chances are if you have an iPhone, Android, or smartphone you have heard of Vine. Vine is a mobile application bought by Twitter in October 2012. The app was then released to the app store in January of 2013 and then was made available for Android devices in June of 2013. Twitter only paid $30 million for the app and ever since then it has been an extreme success. There hasn’t been a newer social network that has been able to enter the scene. Right now Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all dominate the market for social media. Newer successes like Snapchat and Vine have entered as a new means of social media. Vine has been successful due to the fact that it was implemented properly.

Vine currently allows users to follow, like, and revine videos. All this social interaction allows for videos to go viral. Gaining followers two years later can be difficult and one of the easiest things to do is just buy vine followers. This way you reach a larger target audience before you even make your first video. On vine users are judged based on their unique content. You only have six seconds to create something worth sharing and every second is key. Users have their own personalities and ideas. Being unique on an app that is already two years old is absolutely necessary if you are hoping to become popular.

A lot of Vine’s popularity could also be attributed to YouTube and the creation of user generated montages. You can imagine how many videos have to go into a five minute montage. In case you can’t do that math, it is fifty! The question also comes in the monetization of these videos. Users on YouTube obviously can’t claim money for the views generated by these montages. They don’t own the content and neither do the users. These videos are fun to watch though as most of the people on Vine are extremely funny and know how to make the users laugh. The comedy section is probably the most popular section on Vine.…

16 Dec

Lizard Squad Using Booter Tools

Lizard Squad has become one of the most notorious outspoken internet groups. You may have heard of them through Twitter because of their attacks on popular gaming providers like Xbox, Blizzard, and PlayStation network. These attacks are performed with servers with attack scripts on them. These scripts are able to send massive attacks through means of just a few servers. It is said that some of them were all performed with a combination of booter tools that enable them to attack these services and take them down for hours. These services aren’t very expensive either and their prices can range from $5-10. In looking at price comparisons it is cheaper to buy a few booters for $50 rather than buy an entire server for $200.

Lizard Squad likes to share their attacks through Twitter but this was stopped shortly after another group named Finest Squad reportedly talked to Twitter support and had their accounts banned. Jordie, the leader of Lizard Squad said a ban wave was in affect by Twitter and the accounts and many others were closed as a result. Right now Lizard Squad has plans for December 25th. They plan to stop services like Xbox and PSN for the “Lulz.” Though, Jordie has claimed that Lizard Squad has served its purpose since their attacks can no longer be broadcasted through Twitter.

lizard squad

Finest Squad has claimed to of “doxed” the members of Lizard Squad and since the information was posted a few members dropped out and the group went silent for a few days. Through a #DramaAlert post by DJ Keemstar it was shown that much of the information was false and Jordie begged the representative from Finest Squad to prove that such information was true.

Through means of social media, attacks like the ones performed by Lizard Squad can be made public. Most people presume that attacks like these are in the underground and aren’t heard of often. Truth be told most of them aren’t. Groups like Anonymous started sharing their attacks through Social media but generally speaking there is no leader of Anonymous. In the case of Lizard Squad there isn’t a hierarchy but there are clear people that represent the group and their actions against companies. Only time will tell if these people will be apprehended and brought to justice. For the time being though they will continue to be the Lizards that they are, lurking the depths of the internet.…

1 Dec

6 Most Important Technologies Introduced In 2014

The technological advances have become very important for the survival. No doubt, scientists and technologists have made enough technologies but it is necessary to invent other things in order to survive in the technology world. Most of the people already know the biggest Technology Innovations made in 2014. However, it is necessary to repeat the discussion again in order to inform others. The year 2014 is a special memory for the people who love to use the modern technologies. From automobiles to medical sciences, education to sports and transport to space science each and everything has been changed tremendously. Let’s see some important technologies having a potential to bring changes in this world.

Agricultural drones:

These drones are not related to the honeybee because these are related to the high tech drones being used for the agricultural purposes. Scientists have installed the excellent quality lens in the cameras in order to take the overview of crops and other agricultural activities. These drones have been designed to enhance the agricultural productivity by examining the crop situation and condition precisely.

Brain mapping:

Yes, it is just like the road mapping. Now it is possible to map a brain with the help of this technology. The neuroscientists are going t see the brain functions with the help of Brain’s Three Dimensional Atlas. It can see the human brain with an excellent magnifying quality.

Neuromorphic Chips:

These are very important for the artificial intelligence creation. The companies are trying hard to develop a system to understand the man made creations and biological systems. It is believed that Neuromorphic Chips will help to understand this complex relationship in a better way. This chip has extraordinary potential to process the sensory data.

Genome editing:

As a matter of fact, we are moving towards the improvement of body systems of organisms. Recently, Chinese scientists have created monkeys with the special genetic makeup or mutation. Scientists have used the CRISPR that is a well known DNA engineering technology. This technology is commonly used to fertilize the eggs. This creation has made other scientists conscious about the improvement of human disorder treatments. For example, the scientists are trying to develop better treatments for Alzheimer and Autism.

Agile Robots:

Creating the dynamic balance is very difficult. No doubt, the robots are being used everywhere in the world but there is a need to produce confidence, coordination, direction and balance to improve this technology. Recently, the Japanese scientists have designed robots with extraordinary artificial intelligence to walk on all types of surfaces. Even and uneven surface walking is the special character of these new robots.

Solar and wind power:

Transforming the electricity or power production methods is one of the most challenging situations in this world. The environmental risks are forcing the power and energy producers to avoid thermal and atomic energy production methods. The solar and wind energy projects are successful examples for the world to create a safe environment.  By adding these two sources it is possible to make this world a better place for humans and other organisms.…

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